Holistic learning has gained great popularity in recent years. It is no wonder if you take into account all the benefits of such way of learning. Its purpose is to prepare students to meet challenges. It teaches students to learn more about themselves, how to make healthy relationships, social as well as emotional development, resilience etc. I first encountered it when I was teaching English in China.

There are many important reasons why you should know more about this type of learning. Some of them will be listed below.

Emotional health is crucial

You would be surprised to learn how many people suffer both personally and professionally because their emotional health has been seriously imbalanced. It affects their everyday functioning and creates a blockade. It is, therefore, very important to keep the balance in mind which can only help in further learning. This can encourage students to interact with their environment in a meaningful way.

It endorses creativity

We all understand why this is important. If students are not able to express creativity, they will probably not be able to express any new ideas and they will suffer a lack of innovative thinking. Creativity is everywhere around us and many of us have it in them, it just needs to be endorsed and encouraged in order to flourish more. This is why creativity is listed among benefits of holistic learning.

Learning is not only about memorizing facts

It shouldn’t be hard to memorize as many facts as you like if you take enough time for learning and repeating. We all know that repetition helps to memorize even absurd lyrics of a song we don’t understand. But unfortunately, that is not the main goal of students everywhere around the world. Apart from memorizing, it is also necessary to understand topics thoroughly. It is crucial to know how to apply knowledge in unpredictable situations.

Positivity equals productivity

When you learn your students to detect and feel positive energy as well as spread it, they achieve far better results. Positivity also increases creativity, another link in the chain of benefits of this type of education.

Lack of sleep can alter memory

No matter how organized students’ learning is or how well is their time management, it can all collapse if there is one thing missing – sleep. Sleep deprivation can reduce memory function, which plays a huge role in any kind of learning.

It can help students with learning disabilities

It is always recommended to pay more attention to those with learning disabilities, regardless of the nature of their problem. They may just be slow learners or have lower productivity than average students. By paying enough attention to both abilities as well as disabilities can help everyone achieve best results.

Education is useful only if well expressed

One of the things that should be considered is how will students communicate the knowledge they’ve learned in a work environment. Helping students express the obtained knowledge and develop their own voice will make a big change in their further results.
After all, this is the reason why education exists.

Happiness gives a perception of success

Even in very difficult and demanding topics or when struggling to pass an exam, a happy mindset will give a boost to every student. The happier the students the more energy they will have to overcome obstacles and engage in more activities.

Emotional wellbeing helps interpersonal skills

It is always useful to take care of students’ emotional well-being as its lack can cause а chain reaction. When students know how to express themselves, accept challenges, and think positively it can only contribute to their intellectual development. Knowledge should have exponential impact. It is growing with each person that hears, understands and applies it.

Holistic education proved efficient

The conventional system of education has started losing its popularity a long time ago. There are many faults that undermine it more and more every day. It contains many restraints and in the modern era, an era of technology and inventions, students seek free approach.
Because of all this online education has a unique opportunity to take over world education by adopting the holistic approach.
There is huge potential for online education to transform the way society perceives traditional education.