Program 2: Workshop on Gift giving from our Elders

We have a strange but powerful idea. After talking to a number of participants in our latest meetup in South Korea, we understood that there is a need to further exemplify the giving of gifts. The meetup was an amazing success and we had a lot of participants who had come from the United States to teach English in South Korea. Now bear in mind that the gifts we were discussing about need not be expensive. A gift can be a poem or a little piece of glass.

We wanted to further promote gift giving so we created a new program that will be combined with our meetups program (see Meetups here). During every meetup, we will have 5 older people ready to give your children gifts. We encourage you to ask your children to also give gifts to these Elders. Gifts can be drawings, small objects or little sayings. This comes from an Ancient Aboriginal Tradition of the Elders.

Gifts are generally presented to somebody in order to express your sentiments, appreciation and love. We don’t only want to get the gifts but it is our responsibility to teach children about how it feels to give gifts. It makes us feel that we are accomplishing something great by giving gifts. In order to learn about different cultures and to teach children, it is our responsibility to help younger people and aware them about giving gifts.

It would be no wrong to say that everybody loves to give and get presents on special occasions like Christmas, wedding commemoration, birthday et cetera.  A gift that is offered during such events makes us feel pleased than any other thing in the world. On the other hand, when we receive gifts from the loved ones for unknown reasons, it is simply near to impossible to express those feelings in word. Just go through the imagination of an individual who receives the gift when there is no extraordinary day or occasion, presenting the gifts to express the gratitude works for both the giver and receiver.

A gift is no more than a qualitative adhesive that simply bonds the relationships. For the better growth of relationships, it is very important to exchange the gifts among friends and family throughout the year. Gifts are simply inestimable; they have a specific esteem that can be loved for eras. Indeed, even a little gift has an immense token of affection, love and appreciation. It is not important to offer costly gifts; really, the component of surprise and amazement in gift giving is basically the trick that works for the cementing of relationship. Same is taught in the holistic education through online teaching. The only purpose of this online program is to develop the essence of gift giving among youth.